Support Our Cause

We are proud to say that we exceeded our funding goal of $9,000 and are off to Myanmar! We still, however, are seeking continued support. Your donations will go into one of these four arenas :

  1. Private guides/translators: legally required & key to gain access into remote areas.
  2. Local transportation: Planes, Trains, Taxis, Boats, Barges, Bikes, Feet & possibly an elephant.
  3. Room and board: Mostly hostels and homestays with an unavoidable hotel or two.
  4. Solar equipment - solar powered chargers & devices; Myanmar's electricity is sparse and sporadic to say the least.
  5. Gifts - Small gifts to the individuals and communities we come in contact with. We want to be gracious to those who open their homes and ways of life to us!

Check out our Indiegogo Crowdfunding page to learn more! 

- Or For Corporate Interest -

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