Stephen grew up in a tiny artist community near New Orleans which greatly influenced him. He learned to appreciate the good things of nature, art, and human interaction amid the historical and cultural backdrop of southern Louisiana. He is fascinated by people and music, so he went up to Boston College and graduated in Sociology with a focus on race, gender, and music.

He conducted a research fellowship with a Boston College professor before taking a job in Seoul, South Korea. For almost two years, he traveled independently throughout South Korea, Nepal, China, Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand,  Vietnam, Myanmar, along with many countries in Europe. This project was inspired during his travels in Myanmar as a way to document the people   during the country's rapid transition.


Hope studied Fine Arts of Photography and International Religions at Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has gone onto traveling extensively into the outskirts of: China, Tibet, Peru, Ecuador & Colombia. Her primary focus is photographing people, cultures, and their unique ways of life worldwide. Hope's inspiration draws from her desire to capture that one moment, one feeling, one thought -- capture it all in one image. It is not an attempt to freeze time but instead to capture a part of its essence in that exact state.




Miranda is originally from Franklin, North Carolina, in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. Miranda graduated from Lees-McRae College (LMC) in Banner Elk, NC, with Bachelors of Arts degrees in International Studies and Sociology; she also gained a minor in Art. During her time at LMC, Miranda’s main focus of study was the micro and macro paradox of gender as it is related to specific cultures and peoples throughout time.  

Miranda currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she works as a Marketing Assistant. She is also a freelance blogger, kayaker, and sunset enthusiast. Miranda’s passion is the understanding of people in their own uniqueness, as members of their direct group, and as contributing limbs of society.  Her goal in this life is to see, to do, and to understand.









Aiess Alonso is an activist and filmmaker from Cebu, Philippines. She graduated with a degree in Film from the University of the Philippines Film Institute. In 2010, she was a scholar in the Film and Media Program of India Study Abroad Center in Mumbai. She participated in the Project Market of the first Hanoi International Film Festival Campus in 2012 and Asian Filmmakers Lab of Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in 2013. Aiess is a fellow of Asian Film Academy of Busan International Festival 2013 with a concentration in Directing. Her first feature project participated in the first Southeast Asian Film Lab of Singapore International Film Festival in December 2014.

Apart from directing, Aiess has produced various short and feature length films. She is a member of the EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs) network through Ties That Bind 2015. Her travels have also led her to forge friendships and to contribute to growing film industries. Moving from Nepal to Myanmar, she is currently based in Yangon to develop and produce One Summer Day with director Wera Aung.



Patrick Compton is a wandering writer, editor, and amateur cook. After graduating from the University of North Carolina, he moved to Korea in 2012. Four years of Kimchi, Korean, traveling Asia and an M.A. from Korea University has brought him back on the road, and now he has joined the Face of Myanmar team as an editor and contributor. When he is not working, he is making a poor attempt at painting, skating, or just walking around.